Hashish Presumptive Drug Test

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Devostock Hashish Presumptive Drug Test

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The above photo shows the positive results of the number 8 Duquenois reagent presumptive drug test when used with a sample of Afghan Hashish.

The Duquenois test is conducted by placing a small sample of suspect material (about the size of the tip of a typical pocket knife) inside the test vial. The top ampoule contains concentrated hydrochloric acid and is crushed first. After being shaken vigorously, the bottom ampoule containing a vanillin solution in ethanol is crushed and the tube shaken again. The deep blue/purple tint of the liquid inside the vial indicates the test was positive for the cannabinoids present in the hashish sample. Other THC containing drugs such as marijuana or hash oil will produce a light blue to dark purple reaction using the Duquenois reagent test.

This photo was created as part of a training program to assist the Afghan National Army in properly investigating, forensically testing and prosecuting drug crimes.